Make Your Pup Their Very Own Backyard Water Park

Written by: Christen Groves

July 24, 2015

You may not be able to take your dog to the water park this summer, but you can definitely bring the water park to your dog! Checkout the following tutorial and list of suggestions for some K9 friendly, backyard fun!


DIY Doggie Splash Pad

You will need:

1 Tarp
Ours was 12×24 ft. but you can use any size you want.

8 Pool Noodles
Less or more depending on the size of your tarp. You need enough to cover the perimeter. The noodles act like a nice little bumper and help the tarp accumulate water.

4 Stakes
Your pups would probably enjoy four steaks more than four stakes, but that probably wouldn’t hold your tarp down.

1 Sprinkler
Again, this is flexible. For example, if your splash pad is for 1 Chihuahua, you may be able to get by with a watering can.

Lay your pool noodles around the perimeter of the tarp and then wrap the edges of the tarp around the pool noodle.


Like this.


After you roll all four sides (make sure they are tight), stake each corner down. Now you just need to turn on the sprinkler and TA-DA! You have yourself a Doggie splash pad!


Puppy Pool: For those furballs that like to live life on the edge, I highly recommend adding a deep-end. We scored our kiddie pool (in this case, puppy pool) for $5! For some extra cool fun, toss a 10 lb bag of ice into the pool!


DIY Doggie Waterfall: If you feel like spoiling your pups a little, try building this pawsome PVC pipe waterfall!

Click Here For Tutorial!

pvc waterfall

Not only will your dog love it, but you will also score some pretty great bragging rights.


Hydro Fetch Dog Toy: This toy is perfect for any fetch fanatic, especially one at a doggie water park! The Hydro Fetch dog toy features an absorbent foam core that gradually releases water as your pup plays! Talk (or bark) about a fun way to hydrate!

Hydro Fetch

Water Launchers: We got two water launchers for $5 and our guests couldn’t wait to get their paws (teeth?) on one!



Additionally, the puppy pool makes for a fantastic reservoir for the launchers!


“Be cool Buster, BE COOL.”

Puppy Popsicles: Your dog probably has a few friends that are water weenies. That’s okay! We wanted to make sure there was an activity for everyone, even for those that just came for the food.


*lick lick lick*

Side note–we do not mean this kind of water weenie. Although we love these guys too.


To make some pupsicles just like ours, place some dog treats in  a water filled tupperware and freeze! I can’t personally verify that the pupsicles were delicious, but this guy can!


What? It’s not for me, it’s for someone else!”

Doggy Incredibubbles: These bubbles last longer then your average bubble and will dry in the air and land on the ground intact! Your pups will go puppin crazy poppin these puppy bubbles. For some extra fun, try saying that last sentence five times fast.


Did you take some pictures at your DIY doggie waterpark? If you did, we want to see them! Share your pics on BarkFeed and use the hashtag #DIYdoggiewaterpark


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Written by: Christen Groves

July 24, 2015

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