This Human Is Responsible For The Most Beautiful Dog Illustrations We’ve Seen

Written by: Melina Giakas

May 3, 2015

Morgan Spicer is a talented, dog-ruvin’ illustrator living in New York City. Her unique dog illustrations are not only beautiful, have helped local and international shelters, while her pawesome cartoon series, Bark Point Rescue Alliance, has even led to a rescue!

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As the Founder of Bark Point Studio, Morgan has illustrated six children’s books, album covers, children’s pajamas, board games, worked as a background and character designer, and is currently illustrating her seventh children’s book. Amongst all of that, Morgan freelances for Little Airplane Productions, and still creates Custom Animal art through Bark Point Studio.

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Morgan has created over 1,000 portraits and donates a percentage of sales to local and international animal rescue groups. One of our favorite projects of Morgan’s through Bark Point Studio is a series she created called Bark Point Rescue Alliance (also known as BPRA).

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BPRA is a cartoon series featuring real dogs that are up for adoption at various shelters. The comic series’ goal is to help its main characters (homeless pups) receive some attention, and ultimately find their furever homes. Typically, dogs featured in the series are ones that have been harder to place, or have been living in a shelter for several years.



We had the privilege of speaking with Morgan who told us a little bit more about the series and how her art has already led to a rescue!

Your comic strips are amazing! There is so much creativity and detail in each puplication. How long do they typically take you to create?

Thank you! Each strip takes about 12-15 hours to create. Aside from that I also donate about 2-4 gift cards a month to various recues and fundraisers which can be a bit time consuming but of course rewarding!

What was your inspiration for starting the BPRA series? How did you come up with such an imaginative idea?

I got the idea because I wanted a new, contemporary way to spotlight harder-to-place pets. I wanted to give the pets a narrative, so often its just “this dog is not-cat friendly” Or this dog “has bad leash manners.” But if you were to say it in a way from the animal’s perspective it becomes, “Cats hate this dog!” or “Who wants to wear a leash anyways,” it makes the animal more approachable, and humanizes them- – the way they should be viewed, as individuals with individual quirks.

What has been your favorite moment thus far while creating the series? Have you had any success in placing a character with a furever home?

Yes, there was one great success story from the first comic. The dog, Niles, was adopted after a year of waiting only a week after I posted the comic and gave it to the rescue to share! They messaged me to let me know, which was probably my proudest moment of my artistic life.


Amazing! Is there anything else you would like to share about the series?

I’d love if you can talk especially about Mocha-Chino’s strip. Mocha has been waiting for 3+ years for a home, and she is amazing – I would just be so touched if this article could help her find her home! She has 15,000 followers on Facebook but still has not found the right fit.


To learn more about Morgan’s illustrations or apply to have a rescue pup you know featured in BPRA visit her website:

More About Mocha!

Mocha (Featured in the cartoon above) is an adorable chocolate colored Lab Pit Bull mix. She is about 3 ½ – 4 years old and was brought to Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, New Jersey after someone saw her being thrown from a moving vehicle. While she does have some trust issues, once she knows you she is just as loving and puptastic as any other dog.

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If you are interested in providing a furever home for this lovable girl or want to learn more about her story, check her out on Facebook or, on her Eleventh Hour Rescue bio page. Mocha’s adoption fee has also already been paid for and local training will be provided free of charge for her new family, courtesy of Sammy’s Hope.

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Written by: Melina Giakas

May 3, 2015

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