11 Pups Who Mastered The Art Of The Accidental Selfie

Earlier this week we challenged you to upload your #AccidentalFrontCam photos to our latest innovation, BarkFeed, the Instagram-style photo stream just for pics of your pups! We had thousands of great entries! But when it was all said and done, only one could win the combination camera mount, selfie stick and Hero3+ @GoPro Camera. See the winner below. And on the way, check out our top ten #AccidentalSelfies runner pups! 11. "Whoops!" bark11 10. "This is why I shouldn't wear my prescription shades indoors..." bark6 9. "At least I was smilin'!" bark1 8. "Whoa. The camera does add ten pounds." #InDogYears bark9 7. "Dis accidental selfie equals accidental disappointment." #IWasLookingForTreats bark2 6. "This looks like fun... *click* ...Yep. Lots of fun." bark4 5. "So my nose tastes good. Gimme a break!" bark3 4. Some dogs will do anything for swag! bark5 3. We don't think this selfie was an accident at all... bark7 2. "Hi Self!" bark8 1. "GoPro here we come!" bark10

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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