Froggie The Blogger And Otis The Corgi Celebrate BarksGiving!

This year Froggie the hooman and Otis the Corgi are so thankful for BarkBox they decided to show it by having their very own BarksGiving! Say grace, Otis. "Grace!" corgi2 Otis! You're supposed to wait for everyone to start eating! corgi16 "But it looks so deeeeeelicious!" corgi8 "Where do I start?" corgi14 "Mmmmm, turkey leg for me." corgi11 "No, Dad! That's mine!" corgi3 "Nom nom nom nom." corgi13 Ermerghard! Turkey coma! #NapTime corgi9 Happy BarksGiving from Otis, Froggie, and BarkBox! You can check out more of the adventures of Froggie and Otis at The Frogman blog.
All photos courtesy of The Frogman and BarkBox.

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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