4 Creepy-Yet-Awesome Dog Halloween Masks for the Mischievous Human

Written by: Will Storie

October 19, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner, the best season for partying with your friends and terrifying the ones you love. There’s nothing more fun than creeping out your friends and family. And how better to taunt them as you scare them with that which they love most, a cuddly dog?

If you’re in need of a Halloween mask, Barkshop has your face covered. We’ve got four options for you to enjoy, when you’re trying to spook your pup, or shock your friends, or just trying to sneak your way in to the nightclub for dogs.

1. Buck German Shepherd (from Big Mouth Inc)- Question: What’s scarier than a German Shepherd? Answer: a German Shepherd who is, like, six feet tall and in sneakers and drinking a beer. It’s like you’re a werewolf, but instead of a nightmarish howl of “Awooooo!”, you’ll be howling a more party-appropriate “wooooo!”

Finally, a free pass to pee on your neighbor's lawn!
Finally, a free pass to pee on your neighbor’s lawn!

2. Patty the Poodle (from Big Mouth Inc)- Oo la la! Are you ready to be the belle of the tennis ball? When you’re a poodle, you’re a class act- you look good, you feel good, you ARE good. Be the Queen of Halloween as you daintily strut your stuff down Trick or Treat lane. Or, you know, terrify people with your vacant mask-like stare of death. You can do whatever you want, dah-ling!

Remix these into couple's costumes like "Rin Tin Tin and Rina Tina Tina" or "Javier Barkdem and Poodlenelope Cruz"
Remix these into couple’s costumes like “Rin Tin Tin and Rina Tina Tina” or “Javier Barkdem and Poodlenelope Cruz”

3. Black Jack the Cat (from Big Mouth Inc)- Step to the dark side and see life through the enemy’s eyes. Turn your dog’s life upside down when he finds out you’re more of a cat person… much, much more of a cat person. And hey, treat yourself to a taste of that Cat Life- sip a little milk, ignore your friends, and whatever scrapes you get into, you’ll “Always land on your feet!” (*Barkshop is not responsible if you take this literally.)

4. Doo Doo Mask (from Big Mouth Inc)- When you’re a dog owner, poop is always on the brain. Live your truth with the emoticon-inspired Doo Doo Mask, and take your party to a higher standard of excrement. Sure to get a laugh from your friends and a big kiss from your confused dog. And the only smell is the sweet smell of Halloween success!

Unfortunately for your dog, this is *not* the world's biggest Halloween treat.
Unfortunately for your dog, this is *not* the world’s biggest Halloween treat.

And don’t forget, your dog deserves some Halloween fun too! Take care of the little guy with toys like the Ninja Kitty, treats like these Skin & Coat Gummies, costumes like the notorious Shark Fin, and more at Barkshop. Happy Howl-o-ween!

Written by: Will Storie

October 19, 2015