8 Pups Prove That Beauty Is More Than Fur Deep

Written by: People Pets

April 22, 2015

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All of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful choices have a special something that makes them stand out – that inexplicable “It” factor.

The same can be said for the world’s animals. Every pet has his or her own adorable quirk that sets them apart to their owners; each has a version of that “Julia Roberts smile.”

Of course, the place where beauty is strongest is on the inside, and that is where canines have us humans beat. Dogs are creatures that ooze forgiveness, compassion and beauty in amazing quantities.

We are here to celebrate a few of those extra special pups. These are dogs who may have heard comments about their outward appearance, but continued to shine far above the haters and prove that beauty is more than fur deep.

1. Peanut


Peanut is the winner of the 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, but the title doesn’t bother him. This is a pooch who grins through all of life’s curveballs and always comes out a winner. Peanut was rescued by his owners after surviving a fire and an abusive household.

2. Tuna


Tuna was found dumped on the side of the road in California, most likely the product of irresponsible breeding. Instead of sulking because of his unusual looks, this Chiweenie found a forever home and fame on Instagram by being honest about who he is.

3. Jordan The Puppy

Jordan’s story is tissue-worthy, but it has a happy ending. The resilient pup was left for dead in a Los Angeles River. Luckily, the little woofer was rescued and given a second chance. Jordan lost a paw during the recovery process, but it is hard to tell by the way he bounds around these days.

4. Pootle

Pootle is exactly who he wants to be, all of the time. Is there anything more beautiful than that?

5. Daisy


Daisy is an expert at turning lemons into lemonade. She was found in the streets with paralyzed paws and a severe underbite. With a little help from her rescue group and a glittery pink wheelchair, Daisy is back on her feet and faster than ever. Strong and stylish.

6. Dennis the Dachshund


Dennis is a whole new dog thanks to his perseverance and a little assistance. In 2013, the Dachshund weighed 56 lbs. due to a fast food diet from his former owner. Today, the canine is down to a svelte 13 lbs. Finally, the stunning energetic spirit inside Dennis can run free.

7. Marnie

Marnie is a senior dog with a droopy tongue and a lopsided walk. She is also the canine talk of Hollywood. Marnie’s infectious personality spreads smiles and attracts celebrities. When she turns on the charm, there’s no stopping this Instagram star.

8. Fiona

Who knows how long Fiona was waiting to show off her beauty. Thankfully, it happened. She was found abandoned, blind and alone, but she was also an inspiration. Fiona’s story and her strength touched countless animal lovers and now, as a reward, she is living a happy life in her forever home.

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Featured image via CBS Philly

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Written by: People Pets

April 22, 2015

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