How Far Would You Go To Find Your Lost Best Friend?

Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

April 30, 2015

Not just a community, but the world is stepping in to help this family find their lost dog.

Chipper the Schnauzer ran away from his home in West Virginia on March 19, 2015, when he got distracted by something at a distance. He hasn’t returned since.

Bring Chipper Home

Every pup parent’s worst nightmare, the 2-year-old pup’s disappearance has struck a chord with people across the country and world. Help has been pouring in in the form of donations while countless more are offering their time to help find Chipper.

Lisa Belcher-Barton’s even set up a Facebook page, to help coordinate search efforts.


Donations and contributions have been used to pay for a billboard off of Route 460. Some of the money is also being offered as a reward. And the rest is being used to create banners. In short this family is leaving no stone unturned.

“We’re not going to give up on our Chipper. We know he’s alive and he’s still out there,” said Barton to The Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

People as far as Texas, Chicago, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia have come down to West Virginia to help this family.

“I began searching within 10 minutes after arriving to my hotel and didn’t stop until I left on Monday afternoon,” Dawn Middlestead also told newspaper. Middlestead flew up from Texas for the search.

If you’d like to help in any way, check out the “Bring Chipper Home” Facebook group! Let’s hope the little pupparoni finds his way back home.

Beckley, Bluefield

Featured image via Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

April 30, 2015