This Doberman Is Disguised As A Poodle Because He’s A Fugitive In His Own Home

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

April 29, 2015

Have you or your dog recently fallen victim to… BSL?


“What is BSL?” you may ask. It stands for Breed Specific Legislation, meaning any laws about domesticated dogs who are singled out specifically because of their breed.


For example, Pit Bulls are often subject to laws specifically designed to restrict their presence and breeding in whichever community.


Well, not everyone thinks those laws are very fair. Especially when they’re imposed on states or communities where people have already welcomed certain breeds into their home.

Fortunately for BSL victims everywhere, one organization has developed a solution. Meet the AttackChi!


This clever kit allows you and your BSL-persecuted pup the freedom you once enjoyed by disguising the breed of the dog. Above, you can see how clearly this Doberman has been altered to appear exactly like a Poodle. 🙂

Though you can order one from the Australian initiative Dog Foster, they were nice enough to include simple, 10-step DIY instructions for how to build your own disguise.




When you’re done, the results should speak for themselves. We can hardly tell the difference!


And don’t worry if you didn’t see your breed. There’s more to come.


All product images via Attack Chi

Featured image via DOBERMANtalk

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

April 29, 2015