Woman Writes Heartfelt Thank You To Rescuers Who Sent Her Dog A Cancer Care Package

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 7, 2016

Kelly and Sarah of the Live Like Roo Foundation understand firsthand what it’s like to lose a beloved companion to cancer. They want to encourage other pups and their humans who are coping with canine cancer to keep fighting. Just a few thoughtful gifts like treats and homemade toys show families that they have an entire community of dog lovers rooting for them. That’s why they’ve been sending out care packages to pups struggling with the disease.

When the ladies received a heartfelt thank you message from the adoptive pawrent of a dog named Cooper – currently waging his own battle for his life – they felt compelled to share it via their Facebook page. Cooper’s story reinforces the value of the work Kelly and Sarah are doing and reminds us all to #LiveLikeRoo.


Two families had adopted and returned Cooper to the shelter. But then his forever human Paige gave him the happy home he was waiting for. After 7 years of bliss with his loving family, Cooper was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread into his spine and bladder. He immediately began rounds of chemo and at home medications.


The strain of watching sweet Cooper fight for his life began to take its toll on Paige. In her thank you letter to Kelly and Sarah she expressed her dismay at having to load Cooper into the car time after time for yet another painful vet visit. With the McDonalds gift card included in the Roo Foundation care package, Paige and Cooper can enjoy special car trips together like they used to. It’s a chance to forget about his illness, if only for a little while.

Here is Paige’s full message to the Live Like Roo Foundation:

cooper quote 1

cooper 5

cooper 2

cooper 3

The ladies of the Live Like Roo Foundation rescued the inspiration for their charity – sweet senior Pibble, Roosevelt – from Chicago Animal Care & Control in April 2015. Sadly, Roo was only fated to be in their lives for 5 months. During a dental procedure, it was discovered that he had advanced bone cancer. Instead of giving into grief, Kelly and Sarah set out to make the time that Roo had left special.

fifty and roo

During that brief but joyous period he lived each day with optimism and enthusiasm, befriending the famous Fifty the Two-Legged Pitbull and embarking on a bucket list adventure with his favorite humans. Roo’s final days brought new meaning to the phrase “Live like you were dying.” Although his death was a profound loss for Kelly and Sarah, it inspired them to create the foundation’s mission. Roo’s legacy is bringing joy and peace to other pups and pawrents like Cooper and Paige who are facing difficult cancer diagnoses. In that way he will always live on.

Featured Image via Live Like Roo Foundation

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 7, 2016

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