This Golden Retriever Puppy Was Given One Year To Live. Thirteen Years Later, He’s Cancer-Free And A Viral Sensation.

Thirteen years ago, Jack Richards was told that his puppy, a Golden Retriever named D’for, had terminal cancer and wouldn’t make it past his first birthday. But more a decade later, D’for is not only happy and healthy, but also a viral Twitter sensation.

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D’for was given to Jack when the pup was seven weeks old. Life seemed perfect for the “best mates” — until Jack noticed a lump in D’for’s skin at the young age of six months.

As Jack told Buzzfeed, “We took him to the vet and…they told us he had a melanoma, and the worst variety you can have.” Although the prognosis was not good, after several operations and visits to a specialist in Cambridge, D’for was, miraculously, cancer-free.


“They told us the cancer could come back, but the best thing to do is to just go home and enjoy our dog,” Jack recalled. “Now, 13 years later he is still clear of cancer and going strong!”


Jack and D’for’s inspiring story is a reminder to enjoy the time we have with those we love — and that’s just what these two “best mates” have done. Here’s to many more memories!

Jack’s popular Twitter account helps raise money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation. You can make a donation here.

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Morgan Greenwald

6 years ago