This Company Scours The Country To Bring You The Freshest Dog Food Possible

Written by: Ally Nesmith

May 24, 2016

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“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” is a popular adage that is seldom taken to heart as much as it was in the case of CANIDAE® pet foods. Started in 1996 by John Gordon and Scott Whipple, two men armed with a mission for change, CANIDAE® has spent the last twenty years building a brand that is beyond proud of their exceptional range of “Pet Food For Pet People”.

With ingredients farmed all across the United States — from the bison roaming the range in Wyoming, to farm fresh vegetables grown in Texas, to the wild salmon and trout fished from the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, CANIDAE® combines “the freshest, purest, safest ingredients possible” to bring you extraordinary, grain-free pet foods. Food you can feel good about feeding to your best friend.


As passionate pup lovers, we appreciate CANIDAE®’s commitment to quality. When it comes to making sure your dog’s nutritional needs are met and their palate is pleased, CANIDAE® has got you covered.

“Every ingredient is tested before entering our facility and then we start cooking in small batches, similar to a micro-brewery or bakery.”
– Scott Whipple, Co-Founder

And the quality-control doesn’t stop there. “Every batch is monitored and tested along the way to ensure that we’re making safe and nutritious foods your pet will love.” You can rest assured knowing your dog’s food has been tested every ten minutes, every step of the way.


By scouring the country to bring you the best quality ingredients and using the freshest meat and fish, CANIDAE® is able to keep their recipes simple and ensure that pets with food sensitives and allergies are able to find a formula that works for them.

But how did this all get started?

feed store

John Gordon and Scott Whipple met when Scott was just 16-years-old and showed up at John’s feed store looking for a job. Gordon took a chance on him and, twenty years later, the partners have built a truly wonderful company devoted to changing the lives of both dogs and their people.

“We do it for pet parents who want to give their pets the best, faithful followers who have been with us from the beginning, and for those who are just hearing about us.”


Not only are John and Scott working hard to bring you a product both you and your dog will love, they are also two of the most grateful and humble men you’ll ever meet. They never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of their team of incredibly hardworking men and women, the ranchers, farmers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, distributors, pet stores, all the way down to the people who purchase their products for their pets.


In a world where the big brand kibbles are constantly looking to the next trend, to fill a niche or a specialty, to come across as honest, hardworking people selling a product they’re proud of, CANIDAE® stands alone.

“We are the people everyone else is pretending to be. And that’s a pretty great feeling.”


Rather than change their identity to fit the mold of what the media is currently craving, CANIDAE®’s only plan is to stay the same.

“Why? Because it works. With marketing you can paint any kind of picture you want, but until you see the performance of the product, until you see the difference in your dog’s bowl, it doesn’t matter what you say on TV, it doesn’t matter what you write on the bag. The proof is in the pudding.”

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

May 24, 2016

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