7 Of Carrie Underwood’s Most Amazing Dog Mom Moments

We've teamed up with one of our favorite sites, PEOPLE Pets, to bring you and your four-legged friends even more cute photos, celeb pet news, funny videos and must-see stories. Check back every week for new furry fun! Make no bones about it – Carrie Underwood is going to nail this mom thing. The country star, who announced via Instagram on Monday that she's expecting her first child with husband Mike Fisher, is a pro at caring for her pups Ace and Penny, as her social media feeds so beautifully illustrate. From adorable cuddles on the couch to photo shoots with silly props, this girl has babying in the bag (seriously, what else does she need to know?). See the paw-some proof below: She Doesn't Play Favorites Just so nobody felt left out of the excitement, Underwood made sure her furbabies were in the pregnancy announcement on Instagram.
She Teaches Her 'Children' Well Underwood has tried to instill the basics – like sharing is caring! – in her canine charges. Looks like Ace needs a little more work, though ...
She's All Ears She may not be completely fluent in "dog," but she's a good listener and everyone can appreciate that.
She Knows Belly Rubs Are the Best Don't worry! No one was hurt in the making of this Instagram---this is just the result of a good tummy rub.
Dad Has It Down, Too Underwood won't be alone, she'll have husband Mike Fisher to help with those sleepless nights. Clearly, he's got cuddling covered! She Has a Sense of Humor Although the camera work is a little fuzzy in this Instagram, one thing is clear: Underwood knows that props are a mom's BFF.
She's Clever with the Cameras We believe people who compare others to pop culture phenoms (see our story on Prince George's resemblance to Grumpy Cat) are more in touch with the world as a whole. Anxious to know more about your favorite pet celebs? View the hottest stories at PEOPLE Pets: The Only Style #Inspo You Need: Toast the Dog's Fashion Diary, Funny Pet Videos!, and Celebrity Babies Who Share Names with … Celebrity Dogs. It’s plain to see why they’re one of our favorites!
Featured image via @carrieunderwood Instagram

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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