Cut-Throat Cat Is The Kingpin Of Instagram’s Cutest Canine Crime Family

Written by: Michella Ventres

March 5, 2016

These little pups may look cute but they are indeed some of the toughest dogs in town. But no matter how hardcore these well-dressed pups are, there’s someone even scarier. All seven Chihuahuas are ruled by their ruthless kingpin boss – Richie from the Yuta Family. Yes that’s right, it’s not a dog ruling this mob family. It’s a cut-throat pussy cat. Don’t let his fluff fool you. He’s one fierce boss who knows how to keep his canine crew in line.

1. “I’m laying down the paw!”

2. “Which one of you wants to fill this bowl before I send you to the pound?”

3. “I told you all to dress normally”

4. “Observe, the perfect disguise.” 

5. “I always sniff out a snitch.”

6. “As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

7. “You’re the perfect bait.”

8. “One more puddle and back in the basket you go!”

9. “Can we get some biscuits at this meeting?”


10. “No pictures, please. This is a top secret meeting.”

11. “What? This little guy? He’s my body guard.”

You can follow all of the crazy and criminally adorable shenanigans of the Yuta Family on Instagram

Written by: Michella Ventres

March 5, 2016