13 Times Dogs Wanted The Paparazzi To Just Go Away

1. "I'll give someone $$ to take my place. I can't kiss Efron anymore."
[caption id="attachment_35553" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Miles Teller Twitter Image via Miles Teller Twitter[/caption]
2. "How do we get her to stop trying to hold us in the shape of a heart?" #OVERIT
[caption id="attachment_35556" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Funny-Pictures Image via Funny-Pictures[/caption]
3. "Sigh... I've forgotten what it's like to put paw to pavement."
[caption id="attachment_35557" align="alignnone" width="596"]Image via Telegraph Image via Telegraph[/caption]
4. #IAintNoTrophyPooch
[caption id="attachment_35558" align="alignnone" width="636"]Image via People Pets Image via People Pets[/caption]
5. "I wonder what it feels like to just roll around in that gorgeous pile of garbage." [caption id="attachment_35564" align="alignnone" width="1403"]Image via POP Sugar Image via POP Sugar[/caption] 6. "I'd rather douse myself in Eau de Drool." [caption id="attachment_35566" align="alignnone" width="632"]Image via Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail[/caption] 7. "But... but...I'm allergic to those dollah dollah billz." [caption id="attachment_35567" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Boutique Dasgurias Image via Boutique Dasgurias[/caption] 8. "Someone please tell Adrien Brody that I'm not a wine glass that needs cupping." [caption id="attachment_35570" align="alignnone" width="719"]Image via Celebrity Dog Names Image via Celebrity Dog Names[/caption] 9. "Oh paparazzi, please just GO. AWAY. DO you know how much it sucks to have to poop in front of cameras?!" [caption id="attachment_35574" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Olivia Palmero Fans Image via Olivia Palmero Fans[/caption] 10. "Aaah can we go back to the time when everything on the floor was fair game?" [caption id="attachment_35576" align="alignnone" width="599"]Image via She Knows Image via She Knows[/caption] 11. "Balanced diets? EEYYYUUCK" =S [caption id="attachment_35578" align="alignnone" width="654"]Image via Bravo TV Image via Bravo TV[/caption] 12. "Sports cars? Uhhhh no thanks. I prefer my feet." [caption id="attachment_35579" align="alignnone" width="690"]Image via Gerard Butler Tumblr Image via Gerard Butler Tumblr[/caption] 13. "There's a reason I'm so rugged, Sandler. Now put me down!" [caption id="attachment_35582" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via High Life Tabloid Image via High Life Tabloid[/caption]

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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