5 Things You Had No Idea Could Be Solved by Changing Your Dog’s Food

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates
People are finally catching on to what experts have been saying for years (in Hippocrates’ case, thousands of ’em!): Making healthy changes in lifestyle habits like diet and exercise may be enough to prevent or treat many an ailment.

And what goes for the person goes for the pup! In fact, there are common canine ailments which can be linked directly to diet. If your pup is suffering from any of these 5 conditions, a switch to a more natural diet (like Natural Balance’s Original Ultra Whole Body Health!) may be in order.

1. Energy

If your pup has lost that pep in his step, the culprit may be hiding nefariously in his food bowl. Just like their human counterparts, pups don’t exactly thrive on synthetic, overly processed food. The body wants to fuel itself on ingredients found in nature, not formulated in a lab. A diet change could take your dog from couch pupato to marathon mutt!



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2. Tummy Troubles

Dinner time for your pup should not mean your nose or living room rug have to suffer! Gas, vomiting, and other digestive problems could be the sign of a more serious illness, but if you and your vet have ruled that out, a dinnertime swap might be just what the ball snatcher dog doctor ordered. Think about how gross you feel after a major junk food binge (lookin’ at you, extra large pizza turned personal pizza!). Imagine feeling that way after every meal.



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3. Bad Hair Day

Even if your dog isn’t a chronic selfie-snapper, you still want to help them look and feel their best! Complete vitamins found in natural foods helps your pup get total nourishment from the inside out, meaning Instagram-worthy silky, shiny coats!



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4. Allergies

Does your pup have an allergy or itch she just can’t seem to scratch? Have you tried everything from creams to shampoos to medications to no avail? The chemical additives, dyes, or use of gluten in her food may be the cause for constantly scratching paws!



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5. Bad Breath

Switching your dog to less-processed food might not bring back that sweet, sweet puppy breath (you know what I’m talking about!), but it certainly could help lower it from don’t-lick-my-face-or-I’m-gonna-faint levels. If the food isn’t agreeing with your pup’s stomach, it might not be agreeing with their breath, either!



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8 years ago