17 Chihuahuas Prove That When It Comes To Shame, Size Doesn’t Matter

¡Ay Chihuahua! How could we have waited this long to shame the furry lil' goblins that chase our hearts and sometimes our ankles! Here are 17 Chihuahuas that shamed their way into our hearts (and then pooped on them). 1. "If I drink too slow it won't stay in my mouf." chi2 2. "So now's not the time to tell you about the pee pee in your wingtips..." chi3 3. "Hey, if it fits in my mouth, I'm allowed to eat it." #ChihuahuaLaw chi4 4. "I don't judge YOUR dietary choices." chi5 5. "Part of me's ashamed. Just not the Chihuahua part." chi6 6. "Yeah. I'm confused too." chi7 7. "I remember how mad you got when I puked in the hamper, so... you're welcome." chi1 8. "The only problem I have is NOT ENOUGH TOILET PAPER!" chi8 9. "How many people look at this website?" #Millions #SoEmbarrassing chi9 10. "You don't exactly smell like a bed of roses." #HoomanStink chi11 11. "I plead da fifth." chi12 12. "Do you have ANY idea how smooth my coat is right now? Oh, and I gotta poop." chi13 13. "If it's so clean, why didn't you fold it?" chi14 14. Homework assignment: describe your dog. chi15 15. "You say 'steal.' I prefer 'share.'" chi16 16. "The bird offered me free poo! Was I supposed to say no?!" chi17 17. "You always complain that we don't play together..." chi18 Check out CamioCam for a chance to catch your pup mid-shame. CamioCam allows you to never miss an important life moment. Or an embarrassing one. :)
Featured image via Dog Shaming

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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