Fearless Chihuahuas Conquer The Gate In Epic Puppy Escape

Check out this Chihuahua’s dogged resolve to escape the gate.

What a rush!

“Too late to turn back now!”

“Run, man, run! Save yourself! Tell my wife I love her!”

“FREEDOM! Yo, hold up, bro! Let’s go pee on stuff!”

Accounts of a treat-stealing, shoe-chewing, and furniture-napping wild spree have been reported, while the pups are still on the lam.

PUPDATE: The Chihuahuas have been taken under canine custody, upon their owners’ return.

PUPDATE: After seeing the incriminating footage, the owners will be transferring the dogs to a maximum security pupitentiary next time they are left home alone.

The carpets are safe again… for now.

Psst… how much does the white chihuahua remind you of the Brain!?

H/t Life With Dogs

Zoe Costello

7 years ago