This Little Girl and Her Pit Bull Beautifully Prove True Friendship Needs No Words

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

November 19, 2014

These two prove that true friendship doesn’t judge or care what the rest of the world thinks. Best friends just are. Here is the adorable, heart-warming story of Lucy and Karma.

Meet Lacy and Karma. Lacy is severely autistic, and Karma is a rescued Pit Bull.


People with autism can be misunderstood by others. So can Pit Bulls. But Lacy and Karma have never judged each other.


They’re too busy having fun however they can. Even playing with chickens can be the greatest thing in the world as long as they do it together!


Lacy is non-verbal, but Karma doesn’t mind. Their quiet times are some of their favorite times.


With Karma by her side, Lacy is comfortable enough to stop and smell the roses. Or tomato plants. 🙂


Lacy and Karma have been friends ever since Lacy was born. Over six years! That counts as furever friends in our book.


No matter what they do together, their love never fails to show.


Watch their full story below!

All images and information via Amanda Linder YouTube


Written by: Brandon Rhoads

November 19, 2014