Tiny Fluffy Guard Dog Protects Packages From Would-Be Thieves

One tough little pup has earned internet fame this month as “The Cutest Guard Dog In China”. Unidentified reporters on the streets of Zhengzhou, Henan Province observed the dog and his dad/business partner hard at work. The photos soon went viral across China.


Naonao is a petite Pomeranian who earns his keep in the line of duty. For the past eight years, the little pooch has assisted his dad, Mr. Yin on his daily courier route. What makes Naonao (meaning “Noisy” in Chinese) special is that he isn’t just along for the ride, he has a very important job to perform.


When Mr. Yin leaves his bike to deliver a package, Naonao guards the remaining parcels by persistently barking at passersby. When Mr. Yin returns, Naonao promptly pipes down. Chinese internet users were charmed by the pooch after seeing the photos of Mr. Yin and Naonao delivering magazines.


Mr. Yin has worked as a courier for 10 years, and has had Naonao on the back of his delivery bike for 8 of those years. He was prompted to train Naonao as a guard dog out of fear from thieves. He says that although Naonao is an important part of his work, the little dog is much more than that. He considers Naonao a member of the family and says they have a very special bond.

H/T and Featured Image via Daily Mail UK

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago