13 Dogs Magnificently Captured In Their Cones Of Shame

Technically referred to as "Elizabethan collars," around BarkPost we just call them what they really are... CONES OF SHAME!!! Now we know the cone itself brings no shame to the dog. Only the dog can do that! But the term "cone of shame" seriously captures the embarrassment most dogs seem to be feeling when the cone is worn. And phodographer Ty Foster knew exactly how to showcase these staples of doghood with his epic collection, Time Out. Ty hopes that his photographs will reveal “how dogs truly feel about the plastic prison that is the cone.” We think he nailed it. 1. Right now, she's been wearing the cone about... 3 seconds. cone12 2. "I'm ready to wear the hat you got me for my birthday." #YouRemember #TheOneIAte cone2 3. "I don't see what everyone's complaining about..." cone3 4. "Everything's louder now." #TurnItDownPlease cone1 5. "WHY?! I'm a dog, not some animal!" cone4 6. "I said, 'Anything you do to him, you do to me!'" #ThatsAboutTheTimeTheyPutTheConeOnMe cone5 7. "Mom! My drool guard's not working..." cone14 8. "You know how difficult this will be for me." cone7 9. "Feeling very vulnerable all of a sudden..." #CantWatchMyBack cone11 10. When you watch your friend try and scratch his face with his tongue. #TheSourceOfTheShame cone8 11. "WHY ISN'T DIS WORKING?!?!?!?!?" cone9 12. "Doggone tired of this motherpuppin' cone." cone10 13. CAT: "I only ate it cuz I know hard it would be for you. And since you hate wasting food..." #CatLogic cone13
H/t to ABC News
Featured image via ABC News

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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