Coolest Principal Ever Takes Epic Yearbook Pic With Chihuahua Named Vivian

When high school senior Draven Rodriguez wanted his parting yearbook photo to include his feline friend, Mr. Bigglesworth, he took the issue straight to the school’s administration. But first, he started an online petition to drum up support so he didn’t approach his high school principal empty-handed. He even included a sample photo of himself posing with Mr. Bigglesworth.


Wait a second, this is BarkPost. Not MeowPost. What does this have to do with dogs?

Well, much to Draven’s surprise, not only did his principal, Diane Wilkinson, agree to Mr. Bigglesworth’s being in the photo, but she decided to match Draven’s style and bring her own adorable Chihuahua, Vivian, (VIVIAN) to be a part of the yearbook photo shoot. She never even asked to see the petition. Principal Wilkinson did not need to be convinced that pets are awesome.


But the awesome does not end there. The popularity of Draven’s petition (over 7,000 signatures!) and the amazing yearbook photos (with frickin’ laser beams!) captured the attention of the media, allowing Draven and Principal Wilkinson to turn that attention to the cause of animal rescue.

Image via Schenectady County SPCA

Checks have poured into the high school to support the cause, and all money raised has been donated to a local SPCA shelter. Chalk this up as another victory for cuteness!

Interested in showing your support? Send checks payable to Schenectady High School and mail to Schenectady High School, 1445 The Plaza, Schenectady, NY 12308. Attn: Mr. Bigglesworth.

And we can’t resist:

Brandon Rhoads

8 years ago