15 Super Over The Top Ways To Show Love For Your Pup

The love shared between human and pup is inexplicable. It’s a bond that people outside the human-dog circle just don’t get!

Truly, our dogs are so darn special to us.

1. Like wearing a t-shirt with your dog on it.


2. Creating a social media presence for your dog.

Benji Barkington

3. Sniffing your pup’s head when you’re stressed.

“Wut? There’s something oddly comforting about your dog’s smell.”

Brandon sniffing benji

4. Basically being Elmyra from Tiny Toons.


5. Getting a stuffed animal that looks like your dog.

Stuffed animal that looks like your dog

6. Thinking of taxidermy as an option because you don’t want to ever be separated from ’em.

scrubs giphy

7. When you’re home alone, you basically reenact that iconic Lion King moment with your dog.


8. Feeling personally offended when no one says, “Ooooh how cute,” when you go out in public with your pup.

Harry styles how could you

9. You include your dog’s name in your email sign-offs. And letters and cards and other things too…

sign off

10. This is what your holiday cards look like!

Holiday Card with dog

11. When a classic love song comes on the radio, you sing it to your dog!

12. You make up songs exclusively for your dog and sing it to him. You also record it and leave it on when you have to leave your dog home alone.

13. When you talk about your dog to strangers you pull up dozens of pics of him to show off.
dog people

Dog people

14. You keep pics of your dog on your desk at work.

Image via Pups In Cups
Image via Pups In Cups

15. You hold your dog up to the mirror so she knows what she looks like and how cool of a pair the both of you make.


Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago