Video Of Rescue Pup Running In Prosthetic Legs Will Make Your Face Hurt From Smiling

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 8, 2015

We first brought you the “tail” of Daisy the Handi-Capable Pup six months ago. Since then she has been one busy little gal, raising hope and awareness for other disabled dogs with the help of her adoptive mom. Now, some of that good karma is shining back on her! Daisy recently received a custom pair of prosthetic legs that will allow her to gain more mobility and ease strain on her spine.

11849037_482729025232744_716564798_n Little Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles at just 8 weeks old. With genetic deformities to her elbows, hips and right shoulder, Daisy’s future looked grim. She was scheduled for euthanasia at a city shelter when rescue group, A Home Forever, swooped in and gave her a second chance.


Several months later, the rescue did exactly what they promised – they found Daisy her “Home Forever” with L.A. residents Sheena and Christian Main. Despite the severity of her condition, Daisy happily adapted to life both in and out of her wheelchair. She stole hearts wherever she went with her humongous under-bite, her perpetual smile, and her courageous spirit.


This year, Daisy’s pawrents found out that her wheelchair was putting stress on her spine, and immediately began to research prosthetic limbs. Upon hearing Daisy’s inspirational and heartwarming story, Animal Ortho Care in Virginia reached out with an offer to create Daisy’s new prostheses. Dr. Derrick Campana flew all the way across the country to L.A. in order to evaluate Daisy and measure her for her “blades”.


This video of spunky Daisy running on her new prosthetic legs for the first time has been viewed over 500,000 times, evidence that she has the internet wrapped around her little paw. Watch as Daisy conquers a stair and even manages to outrun her healthy-legged bro, Max a few times!

Daisy’s doting mom has been documenting her trials and triumphs on FacebookInstagram and in a Tumblr blog she updates often. Yesterday Daisy even made her first wee wee on her prosthetic legs! We can’t wait to see what this plucky little cutie will conquer next!

H/T to Daily Mail UK. Featured Image via @underbiteunite


Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 8, 2015