10 Reasons The Internet Is Obsessed With This Dancing Shiba

Written by: Will Storie

November 12, 2015

Right now at Barkpost we’re obsessed with these vines by The Dancing Doge, a Shiba Inu out of L.A. with a winning smile and a talent for tap dance.

1. For starters, here’s his tail shakin’ take on Drake:

And (with help from some other vine users who have heard the song of the Shiba), here’s our other favorites…

2. When he blessed the rains down in Africa:

3. Whatever this is, I WANT MORE. GET IT ON MY DESK BY FRIDAY:

4. When he caught Saturday Night Fever:

5. Maybe he’s a different breed?:

6. Moves to make a Southern Belle blush:

7. Warning- sensitive language, merciless dance moves:

8. This move is called ‘hot sand on the beach’:

9. When he ROCKED the Pup OUT:

10. When he’s gearing up for the big move… PS- THAT FACE:

h/t The Dancing Doge, Overl00k and Art_Hoe 2.0

Written by: Will Storie

November 12, 2015