Disney Dogs Set Impossible Standards For Puppies To Live Up To

It’s no surprise that Disney princesses can give young girls unrealistic views on love, beauty, and what it means to be female, but did you know that the Disney dogs set an impossible standard for puppies, as well? For example... Dog bangs don't look like this... bangs they look like this. dog bang Dog cleavage doesn't look like this... george it looks like this. preg yesGOOD Dog anus' don't look like this... anus they look like, well, I guess they sometimes look like Jesus, but the point is they're THERE. Jesus And lets be honest, not even those lucky enough to be born with opposable thumbs look adorable eating spaghetti and meatballs. Case in point...(volume up, please)
We hope you enjoyed tonight's edition of Bark After Dark, the one-stop-shop for all your insane-in-the-canine, cuckoo-for-cocoa-ruffs, barking mad needs!
Featured image via DoubleD and @freeniethedog

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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