Injured Doberman Overcomes the Impossible Thanks to Her Humans

Written by: Stephanie Figy

October 24, 2014

Eleven-year-old Diva went into surgery two days after suffering from a herniated disc in her neck. The injury had left her quadriplegic – unable to walk or bark. After surgery, her humans put her in physical therapy at IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital.

It was a long road to recovery. The first month, she had to be flipped every three hours and work her legs four times a day. She needed lots of ruv, which wasn’t the hard part at all.


She underwent laser treatments, electrical stimulation, and physical therapy twice a week for nine weeks. For three months, her family carried her to their pool and helped her swim around it six to nine times.

After that, Diva was able to stand on her own for a couple minutes, and she was becoming adept at crawling. After a nature trip with her family, her spinal cord woke up. She was able to stand on her own and walk eight to ten steps without assistance.

Her family says she’s back to herself now, at least 90 percent. She tires easily, but she walks with her paps each evening.


Her people and pup are thrilled that Diva is acting like herself and enjoying life.
Here she is walking on her own:

Photos via IndyVet
Featured image via @ivonrei

Written by: Stephanie Figy

October 24, 2014