Dog-Friendly Hotel’s Dog “Employees” Are Up For Adoption, Too!

Imagine checking into a hotel after a long day of traveling and being greeted by a cute dog. If this sounds like your idea of the best hotel ever, then you'd love to stay at the Aloft Hotel in Asheville, NC. dog hotel image 1 And it gets better. The dog that greets you is available for adoption, so if you should experience ruv at first sight, Aloft will facilitate the adoption process. dog hotel image 2 A longtime dog-friendly hotel chain, the Aloft Hotel in Asheville decided to team up with the local Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue to showcase adoptable pups, increasing the dogs' exposure to potential adopters. dog hotel image 3 Reserved spaces have been set aside for meeting dogs, including the reservation desk and a playpen in the lobby. Though dogs are not permitted to stay in a guest's room, a guest may leash a dog and escort it to the bar or restaurant. dog hotel image 4 Since the program began in July, fourteen dogs have been adopted thanks to Aloft's efforts. The Asheville location and Charlie's Angels hope their success inspires the entire Aloft chain to follow suit, giving more dogs more chances to find furever homes. dog hotel image 5 Click here to learn more about Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue and Aloft Hotel in Asheville, NC.
h/t to Daily Mail
Featured image via Aloft Hotel Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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