Neighborhood Kids Band Together To Save Life of Dog Set Ablaze By Owner

*Many of the images below may unsettle our more sensitive or younger readers.*

Doused in kerosene, tethered to a pole, Hope’s life was about to change forever. Her owner flicked a single cigarette in her direction, igniting the fuel he had poured all over her.

Her skin and her cornea were badly burned. She lost her ears. The fire could have easily killed her if not for the neighborhood children who came to her rescue by extinguishing the fire using a garden hose.

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The motivation for this atrocity remains a mystery. Hope’s owner has been charged with felony animal cruelty and arson, though some speculated whether the man’s Alzheimer’s may have been a contributing factor. Regardless of the motive, the damage has been done.

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True to her name, Hope has not allowed this vicious tragedy to break her spirit.

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Several months of intensive therapy (including laser treatment and full body dressing) have allowed Hope to recover as much as a dog can after such a horrific experience.

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People from all over the world generously donated to Hope’s treatment, and she has since been adopted by the president of the local Hardee Animal Rescue Team–to personally ensure that no one ever harms Hope again.

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Now Hope joins her new mom at adoption events to show people how badly some dogs need homes, and to show how the most traumatized rescue dog can become the furever dog you’re looking for!

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Learn more about her miraculous recovery in the video below:


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Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago