Dog Chews Man’s Toe Off and Saves His Life

Written by: Stacie Grissom

January 9, 2014

Jerry Douthett, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has his pup to thank for saving his life in a very strange way.

Jerry and his wife, Rosee, suspected that Jerry had been suffering from diabetes for a while but Jerry refused to visit the doctor. As a result of his diabetes, Jerry had also developed an infection in his big right toe. Because he ignored it, the infection grew deadly when it spread to his bone.


One evening Jerry had a night of drinking beers and margaritas before passing out in bed. Kiko, Jerry’s Jack Russell Terrier, sensed the infection festering in Jerry’s toe and chewed most of it off as Jerry snoozed through his drunken slumber. Jerry awoke to a pool of blood near his foot.

After a trip to the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Kiko actually saved Jerry’s life because he made Jerry realize that he had a dangerously high blood-surgar level of 560 and a toe that needed amputation.

dog bites toe off saves man's life Photo sources 1, 2.

Today, Jerry and his wife are very thankful for Kiko’s life-saving intervention, but just to be safe, Jerry now sleeps in shoes.


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Written by: Stacie Grissom

January 9, 2014