This Dog Has Cuddled The Same Toy Her Entire Life And The World Can’t Deal

When you love something, you just know. For Luca the pup, that "something" is a toy wolf she's had since she was 8 months old. luca_akmalamute_puppy Now that she's all grown up, this 1 1/2 year old Alaskan Malamute still can't seem to let go of her prized stuffed toy. luca_akmalamute_adult Her picture went viral after her human, Karissa Lerch of Durham, North Carolina, posted the above images on reddit. luca_malamute Our friends over at BuzzFeed reached out to Lerch for more on adorable Luca and her favorite toy. Luca's human had originally gotten the toy when she was in college and couldn't have a puppy. grid-cell-17827-1450174071-0
“A few years later, when I was able to finally get my own dog, I passed the stuffed animal down to her and she has kept it by her side at all times ever since."
original-26598-1450174705-3 [bp_related_article] Untitled Super high paws to Luca for finding true love (according to her human, she destroys all her other toys except this one)!
Featured image via reddit

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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