14 Dog-Inspired Home Decor Items That Make The Best Gifts

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

May 5, 2015

The most passionate dog lovers routinely struggle to find items that fit into their home without being too ostentatious. It’s the simple, classy, sophisticated pieces that make the cut—and make the best gifts for the dog lover in your life. Check out these 14 understated decor items to please even the pickiest decorator.

1. Splash Treat Canister, $30

Clear out the treat bags and boxes from your pantry and proudly display them on your countertop in this splatter-patterned treat jar. Classic black and white never disappoints.

splash treat canister


2. Assorted Dogs Coaster Set, $12

No one likes water rings. Most people don’t like dogs on their tables either, but these are just right for any occasion.

coaster set


3. Labrador Pillow (double-sided), $55

Designed and sketched by Fenella Smith, this two-sided pillow features a bunch of Labs on one side and one big one on the other. After all, we love to have dogs on the couch.

labrador pillow


4. Pit Bull Tea Towel, $18

Kitchen towels don’t need to be boring just because of their purpose. Venture out of the stripes and checks for something more fun, yet simple.

pit bull tea towel


5. Bark Pillow, $58

‘Nuff said. The fill in this cozy pillow is 100% recycled, and the canvas cover is super soft AND tough.

bark pillow


6. His, Hers, & Dog’s Entryway Hooks, $30

Customizable, rustic, and with just the right amount of sass. Your dog needs a place to hang his leash, too!

entryway hooks


7. Scottie Mug, $20

Behold: your (or your friend’s!) new favorite mug. The Scottie never goes out of style.

scottie mug


8. “Miracle Dogs: Rescue Stories” Book, $22

Every self-respecting, dog-loving household needs a dog-themed coffee table book! This one is chock full of amazing photos and even more miraculous stories of how these dogs found homes.

miracle dogs book


9. Whom The Dog Barks Doormat, $12.78

Welcome guests the dog person way! With a little sass, a little class, and a healthy dose of humor.

dog doormat


10. Rescued Wine Holiday Pine Candle, $25

A recycled wine bottle holds this pine-scented candle, and a portion of the proceeds support dog rescue groups!

rescued wine candle


11. Pug Notepad, $8

You can dogify just about anything in the subtlest way—even your grocery list.

pug notepad


12. Dogs And Their People Book, $14.70

Every now and then we all need something to curl up with and make us smile. BarkPost’s best-selling book features heartwarming stories of real-life pups & their humans, and it makes a great bedtime story for your four-legged love.

dogs and their people


13. Xenotees Dog Ear Pillowcase (set of 2), $32

The second-best thing to using your pups as a pillow, but with less dog hair on your face afterward.

xenotees pillowcases


14. Catahoula Leopard Dog Riding Whale Art Print (plus more dog breeds riding more animals!), $19.99

Want to spice up that empty space on the wall? This Etsy artist has more than 200 prints to choose from, all equally whimsical and one-of-a-kind (they’re printed on tea-stained paper, and no two are alike!).

dog on whale art print

featured image via BarkShop

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

May 5, 2015

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