11 Dogs of Dog Shaming Who Think They Are Masters Of Escape

We feed them, we give them shelter, we provide all the love and care a derpy pup could ever ask for. And how do they repay us? By escaping their crates, homes and fences and wreaking havoc on the entire neighborhood! The pups below are guilty of committing various crimes during their dramatic escapes. We suggest you approach with extreme caution and consider them groomed and dangerous!

1. Aiding And Abetting A Known Rodent

hamster escape

2. Loitering/ Disturbing The Peace


3. Property Destruction (Code Name: The Christmas Caper)

christmas miracle

4. The Reverse Escape (AKA: Impersonating A Sleeping Bulldog)

reverse escape

5. Pug: Guilty of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct, Grandma: Accessory After The Fact

grandma escape

6. Day One: Perimeter Breach, Day Two: Defacing Property

thumbless escape

6. Attempted Grand Theft Auto, Successful Grand Theft Taco


7. Escape From The Rock – The Most Daring Prison Break Of All


8. The Basenji Betrayal

basenji betrayal

9. Breach Of Parole (She Probably Lost That Eye In A Lock Down Riot)

escape pirate

10. Solicitation (The Chihuahua Was Charged With “Assault”)

escape bit

11. Breaking And Entering/”Licker” Abuse:

escape neighbor

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Dina Fantegrossi

7 years ago