Getting A Dog: Expectation vs. Reality

Getting a dog is a very exciting process. Your brain is filled with day dreams of your future dog and you, bouncing through fields of daisies together, like some sweet indie flick.
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However the reality is slightly less movie-like. Here's a more realistic interpretation of life with a cutie patootie pooch. Expectation: Your new pup is going to be a genius that comes with a pre-packaged knowledge of tricks and commands, and can basically read your mind.
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Reality: This will be your pup when you give him a command.
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Expectation: Your dog is going to dutifully eat out of his spanking new, expensive, and very cool looking doggy bowl.
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Reality: Your dog will eat everything from everywhere, bowl or no bowl.
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Expectation: Your dog will make doo doo when you take him out for his walk.
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Reality: Your dog will want to go out in the middle of the night and will not hesitate to wake you up in the most inconvenient way possible.
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Expectation: Your dog will sleep in her cute little, expensive, couture doggy bed, like the princess she is.
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Reality: She will slum it with you on your bed. And hog all the space and the covers.
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Expectation: Your dog will patiently wait for you to get home from work every night.
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Reality: Your dog will restlessly wait for you to get home from work every night.
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Expectation: Your dog will love you unconditionally with all he's got.
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Reality: Your dog will love you unconditionally with all he's got.
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So, what are you waiting for? Go find your unconditional love in a dog!! NOW! Header image via WMUR Flikie.

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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