17 Delightful Attractions You Can Enjoy With Your Pup On Your Next Roadtrip

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 15, 2015

It’s time to hop in the car and take your pup on a pawmazing road trip! What better way to bond and explore our country than embarking on an enlightening and fun trip through the U.S.? Here is a roundup of larger-than-life roadside attractions to keep your adventures exciting with enthusiastic pup stops.

1. Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama

Joseph Zoettl spent 50 years creating 125 miniature reproductions of the world’s most famous religious structures.

1 grotto

His work is on display at The Bernard Abbey, which includes replicas of Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine and The Great Wall of China.

a dog road trip

For peaceful pups that love to take in the scenery and mediate in beauty, this a sweet spot.

2. World’s Largest Santa, North Pole, Alaska

If Christmas is one of your favorite holidays, then you and your dog will fall head over heels for the 900-lb Santa sculpture in Alaska.

2 santa

It’s not the real North Pole, but this immense figure will instill the holiday spirit. Or, get your dog barkin’ for some presents.

The sculpture also serves as an advertisement for The Santa Clause House.

3. London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Strange but true: the actual London Bridge was falling down and relocated to Arizona.

3 london bridge

The structure which once sat upon the Thames was purchase by an Arizona oil baron for almost $10 million dollars to purchase the bridge, dismantle it, and rebuilt on Lake Havasu in 1971.


Now, you and your dog can go for a stroll while contemplating a Dickens novel, or the American Southwest.

4. Longhorn Grill, Amado, Arizona

It’s time for your pup to take on the Wild West. A giant skull and horn structure nearly grazes the sky.

4 longhorn grill

The gigantic sculpture is attached to a bar and restaurant, which can be entered by walking straight through the looming nasal cavity. The restaurant is now closed, but it’s still a visual wonder.

Stop by for a photo op; it’s something you and your dog can’t miss.

5. The Thing, Dragoon, Arizona

The Thing is the quintessential road side attraction. What is it? You’ll have to see it to believe it.

5 the thing

For $1 entry, you and your pup can find out the mystery of the desert.


Complete with a funky gift shop, this sight is a breezy stop for laughs, photos, and oddities.

6. Peavy’s Monster Mart, Fouke, Arkansas

Ah, a souvenir shop meets a convenience store. It’s a pawfect spot to stop and catch a few minutes respite, or to check out some eccentric local flavor.

6 monster mart

The store is dedicated to the Boggy Creek Monster, a Big Foot-like creature.

If you and your pup are interested in the strange and supernatural, this is a must-see!

7. Salvation Mountain, Calipatra, California

This technicolor 50 foot hill has been covered in 100,000 gallons of paint. The results are bright and free-spirited.

7 salvation mountain

East of the Salton Sea, the mountain is a tribute by artist Leonard Knight to Christianity.

g zoe at salvation mountain

The bright, vivid colors, peaceful messages, and exploratory passages make this a sensational stop for active dogs and humans.

8. Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, California

Let’s get prehistoric. If you and your pup are big Jurassic Park fans, then Cabazon Dinosaurs is a terrific road side attraction to put on your trip itinerary.

8 dinosaurs

Dogs and owners can wander the park, explore larger-than-life dino sculptures, peruse the museum, and visit a gift shop.

h dog dinos

Think of the hilarious bonding experiences you and your pup will have!

9. Cano’s Castle, Antonito, Colorado

Behold, a four-tower mansion made entirely out of beer cans and scrap metal. For beer aficionados and their beloved companions, Cano’s Castle is a marvel.

9 canos castle

The folk art installation was erected by Donald “Cano” Espinoza, a Native American Vietnam vet. The four gleaming towers prove that art can be built anywhere.

i cano dog castle

It’s a complete vision to behold.

10. Fountain of Youth, Lewes, Delaware

Perhaps you’re an explorer. Many have sought out the Fountain of Youth and returned empty handed. Until now.

10 fountain of youth

Though we all know the real secret to the Fountain of Youth: adopt a dog and he/she will always keep you feeling young and sprightly.

j dog in fountain

Charm all of your friends and boast about how you and the pup discovered the Fountain of Youth!

11. World’s Largest Chicken Wing, Madeira Beach, Florida

Dogs will surely wish this epic sized chicken wing was real to nom on! It’s also paired with huge buckets of hot sauces.

11 chicken wing

Besides the sheer spectacle, tourists can also eat in a Hooters, or just marvel in the sheer weirdness of it all.

If you stop here, your pup might ask for a real chicken treat to make up for the misleading sculpture!

12. Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains Statue, Plains, Georgia

Slightly scary and slightly hilarious, this toothy statue is sure to set a lasting impression. The statue was originally erected to support Jimmy Carter’s bid for presidency during his 1976 campaign.

12 peanut statue

Reward your pup with some peanut butter treats and snap a photo or two in Carter’s hometown.

13. World’s Biggest Beagle, Cottonwood, Idaho

What makes this roadside attraction so magnificent is that it’s the world’s biggest Beagle and you can also sleep inside it.

13 dog bb

The Dog Bark Park is a bed and breakfast, which allows dogs and their owners to stay over and explore.

Dog Bark Park is run by two artists and lodgings run at $98 per night.

14. Leaning Tower, Niles, Illinois

Welcome to the Midwestern version of The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower was originally in front of a YMCA and now it stands in the middle of a park.

14 niles tower

No road trip would be complete without a romp in a park! Relax in the sun, pretend to prop up the leaning tower, or play a game of fetch.

n chocolate lab

15. Iowa’s Largest Frying Pan, Brandon, Iowa

If you visit Iowa’s largest frying pan, your pup is going to ask where the state’s largest bacon is.

15 frying pan

Thrillist reports that the colossal pan is “14ft tall, weighs 1,020lbs, and can hold around 528 eggs and/or 88 pounds of bacon.” It would only be appropriate to bring some bacon along!

o dog with bacon

16. Lucy the Elephant, Margate City, New Jersey

It’s the largest fake elephant in the world and a historic landmark! The elephant stands an impressive six stories tall.

16 lucy elephant

Lucy was built in 1881 by a real estate developer and saw a “life” as a summer home and a pub. Visitors can still climb inside.

p boxer on beach

Located near South Atlantic City, dogs and humans can enjoy a bevy of boardwalk activities, the beach, and good-time fun.

17. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

It’s an art space, it’s a Cadillac grave yard. It’s both. In some ways, The Cadillac Ranch is just magical.

18 cadillac graveyard

10 upside-down Cadillacs are tilted at the same angle as the Pyramids of Giza.

r dogs at cadillac ranch

It’s a far-out sight and will make humans wonder, “How did they do that?”

H/t Thrillist and Time

Featured image via Lynn Friedman

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 15, 2015

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