35 Stores That Don’t Ask You To Leave Your Dog At Home While You Shop

Written by: Elise Remp

November 26, 2021

The holiday season is upon us, which means you’re probably looking forward to spending as much time as possible snuggled up with your pup around the fire, eating pumpkin pie, and shopping, shopping, shopping. The only thing that could make all that spending better? Your dog, of course!

More and more stores are adopting dog-friendly policies , and we’ve collected a list of 35 national retailers that allow you to bring your pup along while you shop (side from pet supply stores, which are inherently pet-friendly)!

We’ve separated the list into two categories to help you have a great experience with your pup: 1) Stores that have verified that they allow dogs at every location and 2) Stores whose pet policies vary by location and management. Because we know how annoying it is to find a list of supposedly pet-friendly stores only to be awkwardly turned away at the door!

*Please note: As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to respect each retailer’s individual pet policy. Unless your dog is a service dog, don’t bring them into a store that’s not dog-friendly (and never, ever claim your dog is a service dog just to get them into a store!). Even retailers with dog-friendly policies will leave it up to on-site managers to decide whether to let pups into their individual locations, so please call ahead before bringing your dog on your next shopping excursion.

Stores Verified To Allow Dogs At Every Location

1. Half Price Books

Book retailer Half Price Books prides itself on being dog-friendly (in fact, in the store’s early days, they had so many workers wanting to bring their dogs to work, they had to limit it to two pups per store!). All they ask is that your pup be well-behaved, stay on a leash, and don’t disrupt other customers’ shopping experiences. Check out the experience from a dog’s-eye view!

2. Gander Outdoors/Gander RV & Camping World

If your holiday shopping list includes items like fish-finders and hunting cameras, you’re definitely going to want to check out Gander Outdoors or Camping World and bring your pup with you! Gander Outdoors and Camping World (owned by the same parent company) have liberal pet policies and welcome your four-legged friends in-store. They even have a section of dog supplies!

3. Michaels

Michaels has everything you need to assemble the best holiday craft collection in town, just save some room in your cart for your MVS (most valuable shopper)! We reached out to Michaels and they let us know that their stores are all pet-friendly, but in order to respect all customers, they do ask that your pup be well-behaved. The only exception is that dogs are not allowed in food preparation classes. Otherwise, bring them along! They even make sure to sanitize the carts for the next customer who may have a pet allergy.

4. Ann Taylor & LOFT

Ann Taylor, and their more casual offshoot LOFT, are favorites among both two-legged and four-legged shoppers. When we reached out to the store, they confirmed that pets and service animals are welcome in their stores under the guardianship of their owners. Management is allowed to use their best judgement to determine which pets are appropriate in the store (in order to keep all clients safe), so please make sure your pup is well-behaved, and maybe leave your pet T-Rex at home.

5. Bed Bath & Beyond

When it comes to Bed Bath & Beyond, it looks like the “beyond” might stand for “beyond dog-friendly.” This major home retailer has a dog-friendly policy in all of their locations in the US. They even piloted a “canine cart” program in their NYC stores to deliver a comfortable and easy shopping experience for dogs and their people.

6. Macy’s

Department stores are pretty dog-friendly for the most part, and that’s definitely true for Macy’s, one of the most well-known department stores in the country. We reached out to Macy’s, who confirmed that all their stores are pet-friendly, but asked that your pets please be well-behaved and respectful of other clients.

7. Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s (both stores are owned by the same company) are all about embracing the great outdoors, which is why it makes total sense that they’d allow customers to bring their pups along while they shop. Your dog is guaranteed to get a kick out of the fishies in their stores’ featured aquarium, too! The retailer has even hosted dog-centric events called Dog Days, with special activities geared towards pets and their people.

8. Tractor Supply Co.

Despite the name, Tractor Supply Co. sells more than just tractor supplies; they’re a one-stop shop for everything from lawn care, tools, and even clothing and shoes! As it turns out, they also enthusiastically welcome shopping with your pup. On their website, you can even use their location search to find Tractor Supply stores near you that have vet clinics, pet wash stations, pet grooming centers, and pet wellness centers.

9. Strand Bookstore

Next time you’re in NYC, make sure to stop by the Strand Bookstore. According to the company’s website, shoppers are welcome to bring their pups in to check out the newest releases.

10. Gap

Gap has long been a favorite place to shop among pet parents, especially since they usually offer seasonal pet sweaters to match the fam for holiday photos! We also reached out to Gap’s corporate office, who confirmed that their stores allow pups inside as long as they’re always on leash.

11. Warby Parker

Taking your dog shopping with you for a new pair of prescription glasses may not be your go-to for “dog-friendly shopping,” but Warby Parker makes for an uber dog-friendly experience! This prescription glasses retailer even lets a concerned customer know from their Twitter account that they routinely clean the display glasses in case any “dog art” may appear on the lenses.

12. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an upscale retailer known for their semi-annual sales, where shoppers can score some of the best deals in the retail world. But as it turns out, they also have quite the reputation as a dog-friendly space. According to an LA Times article, dogs have been welcomed at Nordstrom for over three decades (just make sure your dog is well-behaved and on a leash). There’s even a pretty popular #dogsofnordstrom hashtag on Instagram.

13. JOANN Stores

Joann Stores are really fun places to roam around with your dog! They’re extremely pet-friendly and have their pet policy guidelines easily accessible on their website. The only caveat is if the store is inside a mall—you’ll need to check the mall rules first.

Stores Whose Pet-Policy Varies By Location

14. Home Depot

With wide aisles and plenty of space to move around, Home Depot is pretty much a dog-loving shopper’s dream. They’re so well-known for being dog-friendly, you can find SO many adorable pics from pet parents in their stores! However, when we reached out to Home Depot they did clarify that the decision is left up to the individual store owner as to whether well-behaved pets are allowed to shop with you, so please call ahead to check.

15. Sephora

Sephora is the world’s largest beauty retailer and the best place to stock up on all the lipsticks, eyeliners, and face masks your little heart desires. Some locations can also be great places to shop with your pup! When we reached out to Sephora, they let us know that it’s best to call your local store ahead of time to ask if that location is pet-friendly.

16. LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics is well-known in the industry for their cruelty-free lines of beauty products. They love animals, and it shows in how they treat dogs! We reached out to LUSH and they let us know that it’s best to contact your individual location for their store pet policies, but they did mention it’s not usually a problem because they do love dogs!

17. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is a great place to sit, relax, and curl up with a good book. And sometimes that can include your pup! The pet policy on their website says that service dogs are always welcome, but if you’re wanting to spend a rainy afternoon reading to your non-service dog, then you’re going to want to call ahead and ask if your location is pet-friendly.

18. Hallmark

Hallmark is one of the most recognizable stationary and card brands in the world—and, according to shoppers, a fantastic place to shop with your dog if it your particular store allows. After reaching out to Hallmark, they let us know that service dogs are always welcome, but for pets, you’re going to want to call ahead and ask first.

19. Old Navy

Old Navy has something for the whole family, and that includes your dog! This retailer is a great place to bring your dog shopping; not only is the company dog-friendly, but their stores are typically very spacious, which gives your four-legged friend plenty of space to get around (on leash, of course). You’ll just need to call your local store before you head over because pet-policies are left up to each individual location.

20. Banana Republic

Banana Republic is known for being the go-to spot for chic office wear, but as they’re also owned by the same company as Gap and Old Navy, they’re also known for usually being dog-friendly. Call your local store to double check!

21. Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors is your one-stop shop for all things athletic. And while they don’t have a pet policy posted on their website, shoppers from around the country have posted pics with their pups in-store. Most locations shouldn’t have a problem with you bringing your dog along, but call your location ahead just to make sure.

22. Abercrombie & Fitch

Pretty much everything from the 90s is back in style these days, and that includes the popular clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. A&F welcomes dogs in their locations (since many malls are dog-friendly, this makes total sense!). Bring your dog along to help you choose the best graphic tee to add to your collection.

23. Hobby Lobby

If your hobby includes shopping with your pup, you’ll definitely want to check out Hobby Lobby. While the company claims to be pet-friendly, there are a number of accounts online of people being turned away when bringing their dogs to the store, so make sure you call ahead to confirm your location allows four-legged friends to shop!

24. Ross Dress For Less

Ross Dress for Less is a discount department store that has everything from clothing, to home decor, to shoes and accessories at 20–60% off retail prices. They even have an entire section dedicated to your pet! And the best part? You can bring your dog along to shop the pet section at many locations! Just make sure to call your local store first to ask if they’re dog friendly before you head out the door with the leash in hand.

25. Tiffany and Co.

Everyone knows if you want to score the best diamonds in the world, you go to Tiffany & Co. What everyone might not know is that you can bring your pup to help you pick out the best one. According to an LA Times article, Tiffany & Co. doesn’t just tolerate dogs, they actually want you to bring them. “We love dogs,” said VP Jonathan Bruckner.

26. Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works isn’t only a great place to stock up on great-smelling products for your home, it’s also a great place to shop with your pup. While the retailer doesn’t have a posted pet policy, shoppers confirm that most stores are dog-friendly. (Side note: some of the locations are on the smaller side and have narrow aisles, so you might want to consider leaving larger dogs at home.)

27. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is known for high-end home furnishings, and now as a great place to shop with your dog! While the company doesn’t have a public pet policy, shoppers report the retailer typically has no problems with dogs shopping in their stores. (Just make sure your dog is well-trained and doesn’t jump on the furniture!)

28. Madewell

Madewell is a denim-and everything-you-wear-with-denim expert, putting special emphasis on size inclusivity, pre-loved clothing, and sustainability. And they extend a little extra love to our best friends, though the decision to let pups in their stores remains up to each location, so please call ahead.

29. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is one of the country’s chicest department stores, but it’s also one of the most dog-friendly. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to peruse their aisles at most locations as long as they’re kept on a leash. (Side note: If you’re planning on eating at one of the iconic department store’s on-site restaurants, leave your pup at home—the restaurants don’t allow dogs.)

30. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a magnet for hip, savvy millennial and Gen Z shoppers, and they welcome pups with open arms at many locations. Their stores across the country are known for being extremely dog-friendly, and the spacious, industrial-style layouts in most stores is ideal for shopping with your dog. Their corporate website even dedicates a page to some of the office dogs!

31. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is one of the trendiest clothing and home furnishings retailers, so it makes sense that they’re totally on-board with the trend of shopping with your pooch! You can bring your dog shopping with you to help pick out fun dog-themed merch, but you’ll want to call ahead to double check that your local store is fuzzy-four-legged-friendly, and make sure they stay on their leash.

32. Free People

Free People? How about free dogs?! This trendy retailer gives a thumbs up to shopping with your dog. They even have an on-trend line of pet accessories so both you and your pooch can walk away with something special.

33. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue has a reputation for being one of the fanciest department stores in the country, so you wouldn’t think they’d be thrilled with customers bringing their dogs to shop. But you’d be wrong! While Saks doesn’t have a posted pet policy, many of their locations welcome well-behaved dogs on leashes.

34. Apple

Apple has been on the cutting-edge of technology since they launched in the 80s, which is why it’s no surprise that when they launched their retail locations, they instituted a dog-friendly policy before it was the norm. While Apple doesn’t have their pet policy posted online, shoppers report that most locations are happy to accept dogs on leash. (Just keep in mind Apple stores can get super hectic, especially around the holidays. If your dog gets easily overwhelmed by crowds, it’s probably best to leave them at home.)

35. HomeGoods, Marshalls, & TJMaxx

There’s nothing like wandering around a HomeGoods and filling your cart with things you didn’t plan to get. Luckily, perhaps your dog can block off some space in the cart as a form of forced self control—Homegoods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx have no official stance of pet-friendliness in their stores, but many stores happily allow them. Just call ahead!

Shop Locally With Your Dog

All the retailers mentioned above are chains, but they’re not the only stores that allow pets! Many local small businesses are dog-friendly. We’re just a country full of dog lovers! Always make sure to call ahead and ask the owner if it’s all right for your dog to come with you, though, if they don’t have their pet policy listed online.

Looking for other local places to visit with your pet? Check out Bring Fido for recommendations on dog-friendly shopping, hotels, restaurants, and more!

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Written by: Elise Remp

November 26, 2021

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