Cutest Clothes and Outfits For Dogs In 2023

Written by: Elise Remp

May 1, 2023

You want the cutest dog clothes? We’ve picked the crème de la crème. The cream of the crop. The top picks for your top dog. Here’s the 10 cutest must-have outfits for your dog’s wardrobe this year. Make sure to check out the links for different colors and prints of these awwdorable looks!

1. Spark Paws – Matching “Snow Cone” Velvet Hoodie

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HUMAN HOODIE – BUY HERE: $48.00 at Spark Paws
DOG HOODIE -BUY HERE: $22.00-$29.00 at Spark Paws

Did your pup accidentally toss your snow cone onto you while diving in face-first for a lick? No one will ever know! At least not while you’re wearing this matching Velvet Snow Cone Hoodie set from Spark Paws! These hoodies are the perfect mix of refreshing summery pinks and blues, combined with cozy fleece for those chilly Spring mornings.

  • Sizes: S – 5XL (dog sizes), S – 2XL (human sizes)
  • Colors/Prints: pink/blue tie dye, purple/blue tie dye, green tie dye, blue/gold tie dye, blue tie dye, red tie dye + plaid and color block hoodies

2. BARK – Slumber Party PJ’s

BUY HERE: $17.99-$20.99 at BARK

All puppy parties and dog parties from here on out should have a mandatory pajama dress-code—’cuz these pj’s are outrageously adorable!! Just imagine a dozen pups running around your house dressed like this! *high-pitched squealing noises*

  • Sizes: S – L
  • Colors/Prints: blue clouds

3. Frisco Pineapple Hawaiian Camp Dog & Cat Shirt

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BUY HERE: $10.99-$19.99 at Chewy

The Frisco Pineapple Hawaiian shirt is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! It’s bound to make you and your pup the most popular duo at the next neighborhood BBQ or pool party. Bonus points if you have friends who throw actual Luaus! And yes, there are, in fact, pineapples on this shirt, too—in case you were questioning if they got their fruits confused.

  • Sizes: XS – 3XL
  • Colors/Prints: Hawaiin pineapple

4. BARK – Harry Potter Quidditch Jerseys

BUY HERE: $16.99-$21.99 at BARK

Harry Potter will always be in style—until the next generations pry it out of our cold, dead millennial hands! Besides, the low-center of gravity would make dogs the best Quidditch players! Quick, someone grab the sorting hat so I can figure out which jersey to buy my dog. (She’s totally a Ravenclaw, though.)

  • Sizes: XS – XXL
  • Colors/Prints: Slytherin (green), Hufflepuff (yellow), Ravenclaw (blue)

5. LovinPet – Big Dog Orange Jurassic Onesie

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BUY HERE: $29.00-$35.00 at Amazon

Remember that puppy pajama party (and by puppy we mean all dogs, obvi) we mentioned earlier? This is Exhibit B of why it should be mandatory to have a pajama dress code! *more high-pitched squealing* Also, does this come in human size? Asking for a friend.

  • Sizes: M – 3XL
  • Colors/Prints: Orange dino, blue rainbow, peach coral, + more prints without dinosaur spikes

6. Frisco – Boho Plaid Dog & Cat Shirt

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BUY HERE: $12.99-$14.99 at Chewy

“Ohhh, look at this dignified gentleman. Look at the way he is dressed, yessss, very distinguished. Mhmm I see, I see.” The dapper bowtie mixed with a casual plaid makes this look versatile enough for all your important events! You can dress it up for that fancy pawty, or dress it down for a walkie around town.

  • Sizes: XS – XL
  • Colors/Prints: Green boho plaid

7. Ruff Houzin – Dusten Denim Jacket

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BUY HERE: $39.99 at Ruff Houzin

We demand the return of denim jackets! Especially this one, because it has POCKETS! The little button pocket at the back is perfect for poop-bag carrying. It’s fashionable AND functional!

  • Sizes: XXS – L
  • Colors/Prints: Denim

8. Blueberry Pet – Spring Scent Inspired Flower Pullover Dog Hooded Sweatshirt

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BUY HERE: $21.99-$25.99 at Target

This is another dog hoodie we wouldn’t mind having in our own size. But we all know it looks better on them, anyway! This flower pullover sweatshirt is lightweight yet cozy, so it’s perfect for walks during cooler mornings and evenings.

  • Sizes: 10″ – 16″
  • Colors/Prints: Pink, gray

9. Tooth & Honey – Matching Lightweight Donut Dog Pajama And Human Leggings

Images via

DOG PAJAMAS – BUY HERE: $45.00-$55.00 at Tooth & Honey
LEGGINGS – BUY HERE: $55.00 at Tooth & Honey

Matching outfits just do-nut get any cuter than this! They’re just the right level of extra for your next TikTok post, but they’re also perfect for those lazy days cuddling and binging shows on the couch when you’re covered in potato chips. Heck, they might even inspire you to finally sign up for that doga (dog yoga) class you keep seeing ads for!

  • Sizes: M – XXL (dog onesie), 2XS – XL (human leggings)
  • Colors/Prints: matching sets come in donuts, floral, best “buds” pink, best “buds” black, unicorn + more options for dog pajamas

10. Ruff Houzin – Blue Stripe Rubber Ducky Dog Shirt

Image via

BUY HERE: $39.99 at Ruff Houzin

Well, isn’t this just ducky! This lightweight cotton shirt is a must-have for brunches out at your favorite dog-friendly restaurant. If ducky print isn’t quite your style, maybe the dozens of other fun prints will go over just swimmingly with your pup.

  • Sizes: XS – 2XL
  • Colors/Prints: Duckies, golf, gators, flamingos, dino, sharks, stars, Hawaiian, lemonade + many more
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Written by: Elise Remp

May 1, 2023

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