This Dog Thought She Would Die In A Box Of Car Parts, But Then Someone Saved Her

How someone can think to themselves "Let's put this dog in a box of car parts" is unfathomable to me. It's natural to feel angry. But sometimes when there is cruelty, there is also tremendous kindness. lily1 When Imgur user riahriahbobiah came across Lily, who had been left in a box of old car parts, she assumed she was dead. She immediately called Twin Cities Pet Rescue and Lightshine Canine. When her tail started thumping at the sight of the rescuers, they knew Lily was alive. lily2 While the healing process had begun, she was understandably extremely shaken up. She was given her first bed and lots of ruv. Poor Lily suffered from mange, a skin disease caused by parasites which causes severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions. But once it was contained and confirmed no longer contagious, the search for a foster home began. lily3 It didn't take long for a foster to come through. And Lily is finally enjoying the comforts of what a loving home feels like. lily4 Riahriahbobiah writes:
She adores humans, even after they had let her down so terribly in the beginning.” This might be the most inspiring thing about dogs. Their ability to see the good in people, even when they were the source of unimaginable pain. lily5

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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