Smart Aleck Sheltie Is NOT Gonna Get His Buns ‘N Thighs This Way

We have to admit, July is a rough time for getting in shape. The impetus for a great beach body has gone the way of that incredibly expensive and incredibly disgusting juice cleanse in May. And then there's the Fourth of July—the hot dogs! The pupsicles! The margaritas! We won't lie, we've gone off the rails a bit. [bp_related_article] But not this pup. He is putting us all to shame, back in the gym and strutting his stuff on the treadmill. And yes, he cheats a bit, but his personal trainer totally sets him back on track. This is embarrassing, dude. Don't you want to go to the park? What's next, P90X?
H/t AFV Animals
Butt-Sniff (1)

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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