12 Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Dads This Father’s Day

Written by: Thea Raymond-Sidel

June 14, 2015

Let’s take a moment to give thanks to all the Dog Dads this Father’s Day, who deal with their motherpupper’s antics and love them all the same! If he has a special bond with his pup, why not get him something that he can share with his child of the canine persuasion? Sure sounds better than power tools that will just gather dust in the garage!

1. Dognition ($29 + $5/month for membership)

Like the Myers-Briggs personality test but for man’s best friend! Dognition uses games to learn about your dog’s temperament and place your fluffy pal in one of nine different personality profiles. Sign up for a year membership for customized training advice for your favorite father’s pup!


2. Vans x ASPCA Slip-On Sneaker, ($40)

Vans, the favorite shoe of every child of Rocket Power, has debuted a line of ASPCA-partnered sneaks featuring pictures of rescued pups! Crafted with orange sockliners (the color of animal abuse prevention!), even your dog dad’s shoes can show their support of treating doggies everywhere with dignity and respect.


3. Dad and Dog American Apparel Hoodies, ($28 for dog and $48 for hoo-man)

Make sure both doggie and Dad look cool by outfitting them for Father’s Day in matching hoodies from American Apparel (if they don’t feel too weird about it).

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.49.27 PM

4. DogTV, ($5/month)

Ok, so apparently this exists now. For the Dog Dad who can’t bring his pup to work (unlike the lucky parents at the BarkPost!), DogTV is a 24-hour digital channel made for dogs, as a way to comfort them when they’re home alone for extended periods of time. Finally, something besides Keeping Up With the Kardashians for your pup to watch all day!


5. Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test, ($80)

Thank your favorite Dog Dad for rescuing his pup from a shelter by gifting him a DNA Test! The test will identify his dog’s many breeds and their unique temperaments, and will help make sure his friend stays happy and healthy.

DNA Test

6. ChuckIt, ($8, Amazon)

For the pup parent who came late to the party—the classic Chuck It! If your favorite Dog Dad doesn’t have one, he has definitely seen them at the dog park. The Chuck It turns fetch into truly serious exercise for your athletic dog, launching balls with the strength and speed of a Heisman candidate. The best part? You never have to pick up slobbery tennis balls with your hands.

chuck it

7. The New Yorker Book of Dogs, ($28.59, Amazon)

For the literary lapdog in your life! Filled with essays from The New Yorker contributors about their favorite pooches. Or you could just, you know, put it on the coffee table and pretend you read it, like you do when your New Yorker comes in the mail.

big book

8. Custom Dog Treat Jar ($19, Etsy)

Because every Dog Dad needs a treat jar with his dog’s name and silhouette etched in the glass! Yes, you can just use a drawer or something, but don’t you want your kitchen to look like the Pottery Barn catalog? We do.


9. Leanlix Lickable Dog Treats, ($18 for a pack of 6, Amazon)

For the Dog Dad who wants to reward his pup but doesn’t want treat time to affect his health, there’s Leanlix. These treats are low calorie, inexpensive, and served in a tube, which is handy if his puppy hasn’t quite figured out the whole bite-the-treat-not-the-hand thing.


10. Customized Dog Wine Stopper, ($23, Etsy)

For the pup pop who pops corks, of course! (Sorry.) Sculptor Lisa Wolf will mold, set, and paint your dog’s likeness from clay and turn it into the strangest and most pawfect wine stopper we have ever seen.

wine stopper

11. Whistle GPS Collar and Activity Monitor, ($99)

The dog tracker and activity monitor for the Dog Dad with a woofer who likes to wander! And…have Parisian picnics, apparently.


12. BarkBox ($18-$29/month, depending on length of membership and size of pup!)

This should be a no-brainer—pups (and pup parents) love their BarkBoxes! Grab one for your favorite dog dad, and your next favorite, and your least favorite…basically any pup-loving man you know. That would be pawesome.



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Featured image of the ultimate dog dad via People Pets

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Written by: Thea Raymond-Sidel

June 14, 2015

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