What Type of Dog Parent Are You?

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 11, 2015

These days our dogs have truly become part of our families. We no longer see our relationships as Owner/Pet. It’s more like Parent/Kid or Bestie/Bestie. With this shift in dynamic many different pup parent personalities have begun to emerge. Have you ever wondered what type of dog parent you are?

pup papoose

The Helicopter Parent:

If you take your pooch for a walk around the dog park in a padded papoose, you are a helicopter parent. If you wrap you pup in bubble wrap prior to a playdate; you too, are a helicopter parent. You are nervous, overprotective and you hover over your dog like a rescue helicopter over a shipwreck. But don’t be ashamed, we know it’s all done out of love.


The Commando Couple:

You love cargo pants, protein shakes and getting swole. Your pooch is the fiercest canine on the block. Sure, you two put up a tough front, but behind closed doors we know it’s a big ol’ snuggle fest!


The Posh Parents:

The mortgage on your pooch’s dog house is higher than the National average. She has her own walk-in closet, personal stylist and nutritionist. You, my friend, are a posh pup parent!

old folks

The Empty Nesters:

Your kids have all grown up and moved away leaving you with so much love to give and only one source to channel it into – your dog. If you lay your pup down for naps in the afternoon and read him bedtime stories at night, you may be an Empty Nester Pooch Parent.


The Collectors:

You are a true dog lover who can’t get through an ASPCA commercial without breaking down in tears. You want to adopt every pitiful pooch you come across. Your philosophy is “There’s always room for one more!”

competition pup

The Soccer Moms/Gridiron Dads:

Your dog is a pinnacle of athletic prowess and you love cheering him on. Whether it’s flyball, agility or a spirited game of chase, you thrive on watching your pooch kick butt!

Runway Pooch

The Fashionistas:

Your dog knows what colors are hot for summer before Cosmo does. The two of you enjoy shopping, mani/pedis and judging stars’ outfits as they walk the red carpet. You aren’t above giving free fashion advice to that tragic poodle mom down the block either. They could both benefit from your fashionista style!


The Twinsies:

You and your dog spend so much time together you’re beginning to pick up the same mannerisms. You refuse to go anywhere unless your pooch can go too. You two are BFFs to the max and proud of it!



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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 11, 2015

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