This Dog’s Paw Was Destroyed By Hunters, But Caring Humans Saved His Life

Written by: Will Storie

October 28, 2015

This footage can be difficult to watch, but the story at heart is important—brave humans doing the right thing for the sake of a defenseless animal, in his time of need.


This street dog in India got his paw caught in a trap, set by hunters to catch wildlife. Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue organization in India, quickly stepped in and anesthetized the dog while they struggled to remove the trap and save his paw.

The organization broke our hearts on their Facebook post:

The first thing we noticed was his heart-wrenching silence. It was as if his pain was so acute he could barely breathe after a wildlife hunter’s iron claw trap had crushed with all its evil intent.

Unfortunately, the damage from the trap was too severe for the paw to remain intact, and an emergency amputation became unavoidable. But the dog’s spirit is unbroken, and thanks to the quick work of his rescuers, he has another chance at life.

dog leg amutation

You can follow Animal Aid Unlimited on Facebook, and donate to their work here.

h/t Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Written by: Will Storie

October 28, 2015