Only Dog People Have This 100% Accurate Reaction To Baby Photos

Dog people are certainly not a rare and elusive breed of human. They lurk in your neighborhood, your place of work; they've even infiltrated your close circle of friends. So it's no surprise that one of them might be victim privileged to view a slideshow of your newborn's photos. giphy The only problem is, they simply don't give a pup. Thanks for watching the very first episode of our new series: DOG PEOPLE! Stay tuned for more footage of the humans just like you. Credits: Writer/ Directors: Alison Barton & Bonnie Dennison DP: Aaron Peer Sound: Jon Flores Editor: Aaron Peer MUA: Liz Coakley PA: Mickaela Tombrock Actors: Bonnie Dennison, Jon Bershad, Maggie Wetzel

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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