21 Times Dogs Stuck It To The Man

Disclaimer: The views expressed by these protesting pups are not affiliated with BarkPost (though we totally support all pups in their cuteness!). :) Though not everybody gets into politics, most everybody has an opinion on something. Here are 21 things that get dogs off their butts and out in the streets to make sure they're being a good influence on their community. 1. "Radiation is very bad for weiners." protest 2. "Haay! Are you guys having a party or what? Can I join? Cool sign." riot 3. "Dogs are people, too!" protest17 4. "These bone taxes are ridiculous! Oh, and her taxes, too." protest4 5. "Nuff said." protest1 6. They're a small group of activists, but they're determined. riot2 7. ♬ "We don't want no war no more!" ♫ protest5 8. "We deserve better. ¡No más abuso!" protest3 9. "Big dogs get bigger treats. Small dogs get left with the crumbs!" riot3 10. "Look, if humans don't have rights, how do we expect to have them?" protest6 11. "My two moms are awesome!" protest2 12. "Boo! Government! Boo!" protest16 13. Wait. We might be okay with this. riot4 14. "I wouldn't abuse a hooman." protest9 15. "My dad said after the protest we get to go the dog park." protest8 16. "No more FAT cats? I thought we were just protesting regular cats." protest10 17. "The other 1% is hiding somewhere in my fur." riot5 18. "Sure this blue ribbon makes my eyes pop, but it also supports freedom of the press." protest11 19. "I only agreed to wear the sign if I didn't have to walk, and I been walking ALL DAY. Now, I got a new protest. No more walking!"" protest13 20. "Trust me, I'm much more fun when I'm not abused." protest7 21. Be the change you want to see, pup. Be the change. riot6
H/t to Huffington Post
Featured image via Niagra At Large

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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