Dog Saved From Life In Sewer Gets A Makeover And A Second Chance

Written by: People Pets

March 11, 2015

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There are myths about alligators living in the sewer, but for Bitty the dog, life underground was a sad reality.

According to the Huffington Post, the tiny pooch was found by Los Angeles-based animal group Rescue from the Hart malnourished and soaking wet in a California storm drain.


“When we received the call for help, we were told that there had originally been two dogs, but one drowned earlier in the day during a rainstorm. With another storm on its way, we rushed to the location to try and save Bitty in time,” the group said.

When the rescuers located Bitty, she was frightened and in desperate need of help. The group was able to coax the dog out of the sewer and into the sun. She was immediately rushed to a nearby animal hospital for care. Just two hours later, Bitty was unrecognizable.


In this video, watch the frightened, dirty pup get transformed into an excited, clean and fluffy beauty.

There’s even more good news: Bitty is now happily living in a foster home where she has met and befriended a fellow sewer rescue dog named Frankie.

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Written by: People Pets

March 11, 2015