14 eCards That Perfectly Capture The Life Of A Dog Parent

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

January 8, 2015

Talking is highly overrated. Sometimes things are just better said with eCards. And what better than an eCard with a pup?

Nothing, that’s what.

So you can be prepared when the spoken word fails, here are 14 pawfect pup eCards that you can bust out for any occasion.

1. For when your non-dog owning, nosey friend asks you what your dog eats.


2. For when you have guests over and they judge you for your messy place.


3. For when your single friend needs some comforting.


4. For when you are hanging out at the dog park hoping to find a dog to pet and you get asked if you have a dog.


5. For when your roommate thinks it’s ok to call out YOUR dog. #JustNo


6. When you’re on a blind date and you need that excuse to cut your losses and go home to marathon Game of Thrones.


7. For when you’re at a party and you’re forced to mingle and be social and talk to everyone. #Nevermore


8. For when you and your friend are sitting in silence contemplating life.


9. For when your friends want to know why you keep canceling drinks with them.


10. For when EVERYONE wants to play with YOUR dog and he’s just not that into it. #ItsNotYouItsHim #OkMebbeItsYou


11. For when your fellow dog pawrent is complaining about their naughty pup.


12. For when you’re chillin’ with your pup and you get cornered into a serious conversation with your S.O.


13. For when you’re having a girls/guys night out and you feel the need to confess.


14. For when you’re over seeing your friend’s food updates. YOU HAVE A BOWL OF CHEERIOS EVERY MORNING, BRUCE!


Featured image via someecards

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

January 8, 2015