14 eCards That Perfectly Capture The Life Of A Dog Parent

Talking is highly overrated. Sometimes things are just better said with eCards. And what better than an eCard with a pup? Nothing, that's what. So you can be prepared when the spoken word fails, here are 14 pawfect pup eCards that you can bust out for any occasion. 1. For when your non-dog owning, nosey friend asks you what your dog eats. 1 2. For when you have guests over and they judge you for your messy place. 2 3. For when your single friend needs some comforting. 3 4. For when you are hanging out at the dog park hoping to find a dog to pet and you get asked if you have a dog. 4
5. For when your roommate thinks it's ok to call out YOUR dog. #JustNo 5 6. When you're on a blind date and you need that excuse to cut your losses and go home to marathon Game of Thrones. 6 7. For when you're at a party and you're forced to mingle and be social and talk to everyone. #Nevermore 7 8. For when you and your friend are sitting in silence contemplating life. 8 9. For when your friends want to know why you keep canceling drinks with them. 9 10. For when EVERYONE wants to play with YOUR dog and he's just not that into it. #ItsNotYouItsHim #OkMebbeItsYou 10 11. For when your fellow dog pawrent is complaining about their naughty pup. 11 12. For when you're chillin' with your pup and you get cornered into a serious conversation with your S.O. 12 13. For when you're having a girls/guys night out and you feel the need to confess. 13 14. For when you're over seeing your friend's food updates. YOU HAVE A BOWL OF CHEERIOS EVERY MORNING, BRUCE! 14
Featured image via someecards

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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