Architects Design Human Home With Family’s Pups In Mind

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I have a little vice: I love to troll home design blogs and HGTV. Redesign a kitchen in 72 hours? Sure, why not? Pinterest boards with tree houses and minimalist, city living apartments? You got me.

Now, what if you could design your home with your pup in mind? The Vietnam based firm, 07BEACH did just that. The completely personalized abode includes a staircase for humans, but also a completely individualized staircase for the homeowner’s two dogs.

dog staircase 2

The head architect of the project, Joe Chikamori noted, “I designed so that your house can represent your affection for your wife and two dogs, and I designed it with the image that this house will be like a gift to your family.” Chikamori nailed it: our lives grow immeasurably with love and compassion. Incorporating your dog-love into your home opens the space up to unique and positive energy.

dog staircase 4

The smaller set of steps is perfect for pups who are afraid of going up large steps or struggle with mobility. Not to mention, the dog friendly element seriously amazing. When we make more space for pups in our lives, they become more secure and feel like real family members!

dog staircase 5

Besides, how adorable are those dogs on their own stairway? In the meantime, I’ll be over here fantasizing about my imaginary all-white minimalist beach house, unique dog loft included, and my own walk-in closet filled with three shirts. Sigh.

Feature image and H/t via Yahoo! Makers

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago