Spontaneous Duet Turns Into A Lifelong Friendship Between Stray Dog And Street Musician

When solo street musician Sergei Ivanovich prepared for his performance, he didn't expect to be joined by a singer. Especially not one with four legs and a wet nose. But boy does this pup have some pipes! "He just came up when I sat down and began to play the first note," Sergei explained to a local news source. Not only did the crowd love the dog, so did Sergei. After being encouraged to take the dog home, Sergei agreed it would be for the best. A smart performer knows you have to give the audience what it wants. Congrats to these two, who will hopefully make sweet duets together furever! Check out their performance below:
h/t to DogHeirs Featured image via Vesti-UKR

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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