Spaced Out Pup Uses Her Time At Swim Class To Contemplate The Meaning Of Life

It’s like that sudden feeling when your life is flashing before your eyes, and you’re lost deep in thought… What if I had taken that job with the fire department? That butt I sniffed, so long ago in Tompkins Square… will I ever sniff it again? What happened to all those toys that were lost under the couch… did they have families?

Beya, known as the “non-swimming dog,” may never know the answer to these questions, but that won’t stop her from contemplating the truth of the universe. The video above was taken in the summer of 2015. Happy Tails Resort uploaded this video on June 9th:

And this one on June 14th:

This thoughtful pup is still trying to uncover the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We hope she solves it this summer…. because really, do we crave the bacon or does the bacon crave us? Inquiring dogs want to know.

h/t Kyoot Animals

Will Storie

7 years ago