Dog Tells Robber, “Get Your Paws Off My Dad!” And Saves The Day

***Note: The video below features images of a dog in conflict with a human. To the best of BarkPost's knowledge, the assailant in the video was not seriously harmed and the dog was not injured.*** When a masked man entered Holly's Gas in Saco, Maine, and shoved a gun in Justin Ireland's face, the gas station attendant did not know how to react. Fortunately, his dog Thor did. As the robber demanded the money from the register, Thor lunged at him, barking to defend his human, effectively scaring the lowly robber away. The police are still looking for the suspect, and Thor was rewarded by Justin with a big, meaty bone. Watch Thor's heroic deed below.
H/t to DogHeirs

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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