Instadog Trendsetters Model The Season’s Must-Have Looks

Fashion and New York City pretty much go paw-in-paw. Each day, the sidewalks are colored by diverse and eccentric patterns, prints, textures and accessories worn by trendsetters of every size, shape, color and…breed?

That’s right. Fashionistas of the dog variety are a fairly recent phenomenon, but these celebrity dogs of Instagram are out to prove that their puppy garb can be just as expressive and diverse as ours and that it’s time we share the cat dogwalk.


When you’re out for a night on the town and need to really make an impression, take a page out of Eno’s book. Eno knows the importance of not overdoing it, a little bit of sparkle goes a long way.


Or, if you’re feeling a little more sassy, try gussying yourself up by channeling the always fabulous Trotter.


With her wig, Chanel sunnies and gold lamé Marni has a look stylish enough to rival Karl Lagerfield.


Fashion is fun because it lets you transform yourself into whatever you want to be that day. Porkchop looks stunning in this silk kimono, a top trend for Fall this year.


Perfect for a Day at the Park:

Scarf, shades and a dash of intrigue, Montjiro is dressed for the most stylish walk of her life.


Fashionable yet functional, Bodhi perfectly layers a denim shirt with a neutral sweater and flannel overcoat.


Finn is well known as the ever-present and adorably adored dog/sidekick of actress Amanda Seyfried, he is less well known, however, for his taste in accessories. And that’s a barking shame, ’cause the pup sure knows how to put an outfit together.


Whether you’re running for pupsident or just keeping cozy and chic, Remy’s got you covered in a tasteful red power-suit with shearling lining.


One thing New York has plenty of is hipsters, one thing New York could never have enough of is dog hipsters.


Ruby keeps it casual in a timeless jean jacket/bandana combo that looks effortlessly cool for a ride in a sidecar or a stroll about town.


Casual Corner:

Colder temperatures mean more time spent in doors and you know what that means: more time spent in our beloved sweats! These Pointer Brothers show us how it’s done.


Neville, Marc Jacobs’ dog, makes his papa proud by looking trendy yet comfortable in an oversized sweatshirt.


No matters what the style-makers say, it’s important that you stay true to yourself above all. Boo knows what I’m barkin’ about.


h/t Who What Wear

Ally Nesmith

7 years ago